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Issue 28: ?November?2015 –?Market Trends 2015

In this issue,?PCG gets ready for the Charleston Conference by evaluating our latest research into the worldwide information industry to uncover key market trends for 2015.? Managing Director Melissanne Scheld also reviews how change is being forced upon reluctant educational publishers by new innovations in technology.

But first, we remind you to be sure to?catch up with PCG this week in Charleston!? We have a lot going on at the conference and it’s not too late to set a meeting with our management team or publisher reps.? PCG, our clients and colleagues will be exhibiting at the following tables during the vendor showcase:

  1. BioOne (Donna Loews)
  2. American Society for Microbiology (Rachel Peckover)
  3. Royal Society & ICE Publishing (Rebekah Matthews)
  4. Geological Society of London & Canadian Science Publishing (Mattheus DePaula-Santos)
  5. ingentaconnect (Byron Russell)
  6. PCG & Meteo, Inc. (Melissanne Scheld)

PCG Senior Publishing Consultant?Janet Fisher will be joined by Michael Levine-Clark of the University of Denver and Tricia Newell of ACSESS for a Lively Lunch on Thursday, November 5 at 12:45 pm titled?Three Things I Wish You Knew: Surmountable Misunderstandings between Publishers and Librarians, featuring new PCG research.? We hope to see?you there!

Market Trends 2015

Marketing Manager Mike Groth sifts through PCG’s stable of recent industry research to pull out highlights and construct a lateral view of today’s marketplace for publishers, librarians and the wider research community.

Big Money, Quiet Storm: the Silent Revolution in Education Publishing

In this article first appearing in the October 14 Publishers Weekly Frankfurt Show Daily, Managing Director Melissanne Scheld muses on dominant legacy players, disruptive tech startups and the future of textbook publishing.

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