How We Can Help

Content knows no boundaries.

As a publisher, a major goal is to expand your readership and extend your influence, but where to start?? How do you understand and serve diverse users and decision makers in emerging countries around the world?? How do you even know who to reach out to?

PCG can simplify your global sales strategy.

For over 20 years, PCG has been connecting academic and professional publishers to the worldwide library community, with a comprehensive range of specialized sales, marketing and research services.

Whether it’s focus groups with microbiologists, conference exhibits in the Ukraine or library visits at remote universities in Ecuador, PCG has been there.? Our blended and customizable programs will help you globalize your audience, navigate your target market and increase your sales, no matter how treacherous the journey.

  • Research: Our strategic research answers questions specific to your publications and products, and delivers expert guidance to help you understand and implement the results.
  • Marketing: We help you to define and segment your?prospects, identify potentially profitable sectors, position your?publications and products to appeal to your target customers, and?implement campaigns to expand awareness, grow subscriptions or increase?online traffic.
  • Sales: Our locally-based sales staff around the world can tap new revenue streams and build?relationships with your customers and prospects, supported by native-language customer service.

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